Saturday, May 2, 2015

Watering The Flowers On Saturday

Watering the flowers on Saturday...sure am.. I've been working on those geraniums and they are starting to blossom really nice and full.. and also my bougainvillea and Mandevilla..  they are really all coming along nicely.. my Roses that Clancy cut back like to the ground..OH MY STARS !  I hope they come back..

My mornings are always a rush and as I sit in my chair by the window next to Ms Shug as we share breakfast I look out watch the Hummers and looks at the birds flying in to be fed and later take their drink in that clean birdbath..I do think they watch me.. hahaha

However, I'm just so happy to see the colors from the plants vibrant they are becoming.. I feed them now every week with Miracle Grow and they sure do show it.. this is something I'm enjoying and I think of my Grandma, who basically raised me ...she loved to feed the birds and loved her little flowers in her flowerpots.. yes! I do believe I take after her Big Time !!!

Then I think in about 10 weeks I'll be heading back to Pa...UGH!!  I've asked Clancy to please take care of them..but he's been so busy.. I'm gonna worry.. I know he'll do his best..but and that's where I have to put it..

Now this coming Oct when we come back my friend Mary will have moved down to finally live in her house around the block from me.. and as I've already asked Mary if she would take care of my plants again when I head back.. I've given her a paying job.. LOL.. I know she's good about her word and will like that paycheck too hahaha..

Amazing how we attach ourselves to things.. for me it's just the simple things I so enjoy.. I mean, I do so love watching the birds and growing the plants.. it makes me feel good.. I'm not able to much physical things but I get out there every day and water and tell my gifts from God .. how much I enjoy them and I even enjoy those bugger squirrels.. they come up to me as I fill the feeders and if they are not there I whistle and they come out of the trees..

I've been feeding late in the day as those black birds are eating everything up and I'm trying to make sure the other birds get some..the small feeder is always filled and I have the smaller birds that will go to it.. also my Woody..they come to it..don't want to put up with those blackbirds..

Tomorrow I have to make a run to try and get a trellis for my Mandevilla she's growing and her vines are looking for something to attach too.. she's gonna be pretty and I might pick up another one or two ..we'll see or I might wait till next time I come back down...

Today I really didn't do much but Viggled..hahaha..that's a new thing for me and what a bugger it is..but you do get reward points and can get some things and even dinners or shows to I've giving it a Viggle..hahaha..

Well, I'm done and tomorrow comes early and I already put the brats lights out.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All

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