Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wait It Out On Wednesday

Wait it out on Wednesday....and that's what I did.. I had wanted to go to the store but seems my body had other intentions...hahaha...yeah!  I was lazy, plain and up this morning and forgot to turn on the dishwasher..WAH!!!!....So that sent me into a tail spin..again I was not together..and once that happens... well, you  might as well forget anything I wanted to get done .

I did manage to do a set up for Ms Shug and did up the rice and pumpkin for Ms Annie and never got to do for me...I'm always last..but tomorrow I have to get back on target and make my lists or it just won't get done.

Most of the day after I filled up the little bird feeder and cleaned out the feeding tray then went over and filled up the big feeder and those buggers..squirrels were waiting for me to toss them a little and I did..:)

Watered all my plants and they are now starting to take off and looking good..must remember I need to get 5 more trellis for those other vine plants ..they will look great next year..lots of color out front.

Now starting to get Rudy's food together for when he leaves to go off to be I want to have that done that I don't have to throw things together..and tomorrow I need to make sure I pick up more ground pork and chicken..

Also gonna make Sausage and Peppers as I know Clancy is ready for some too..!.. Gonna make a few things tomorrow so that it will make it easy for me.. if I don't do the do a heads I'm never gonna make the day..I'm dragging.

Tomorrow is trash day too... now I know they won't forget me and probably come extra early..LUCKY ME ...... so I best make sure I have it out there by 6am.

Watched Suvivor..and it was Dan's turn to say, "Good Bye"..getting pushy now..LOL...ok, I'm ready for bed and have the dishwasher on .. I hear it....yes! I'm paying attention..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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