Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Doctor's Visit On Tuesday

Doctor's visit on Tuesday...woo hoo.. slept better last night with Miss Annie in her crate and then she woke me up at 2am and crawled in bed and didn't get back up till 4:30am..ok, that's fine as I had to be out the door by 7am..

So up we got and then the race was on..not for Miss Annie as she still has her slight limp and still tummy issues..so I'm gonna feed her a little lighter..but got Ms Shug done because she's scream and nothing like a Cockatoo's scream..it's mind blowing not only ear piercing..but one you really don't want to hear..

I did feed the brats and then left as normally after they eat they stay in their crates for at least an 1 1/2 hours..I like that because I don't worry about them up chucking ...their stomachs need that break..

So out the door I went and got their in time for the door to open and didn't have that long of a wait as there were just 3 of us in at 7:30am..Got my blood pressure taken and it wasn't bad..132/80..which I was surprised as the night before it was 180/90..with CVS mess.

My blood work wasn't bad..Sugar was great and my LDL was 80..hey for me that's fantastic..but my thyroid again was off.. so I'm gonna take my normal dosage of 0.175 and on Sunday take  1 1/2 pill..and see how that goes till my next appointment in May on the 7th..my sister's birthday..

After leaving I headed to McD's for breakfast and bought another one for tomorrow's treat..LOL  then stopped and filled my car up with gas and home I went..boy did my Brats let me know they were ticked..LOL  but let them out and gave Annie another dose of meds for her tummy.. I'm not crazy with how this med is working..but until I call the Vet I'll work with it..

Then I sat down and my fun began...again with CVS..they didn't get the rest of my meds cleared up so I had to call my Insurance company... talked with the rep that is our go between and gave them all my data to handle this..as we were promised there would be no changes and that anyone taking meds wouldn't have to have any pre requisite for a script..that took most the day but by the end of the day...my meds were again put back into the system..

I called CVS and the pharmacist that was so annoyed with me and sharp with me became very calm and nice..as I explained for the last time and also told her to please once and for all get this message to the others... I'm not a demanding person, try not to make things difficult and if I could I'd take generic meds.. I mean who wants to pay $700 ever 3 months when I could get it for $150...make sense to you ????? it sure does to me... so again as I explained to her..Stop having an attitude ..

I'm still do for CVS Corporate to call me tomorrow.. and see how this all settles out..but I sure hope it prevents someone else going through this nonsense..and not to speak of the fact ..could cause major health issues..

The rest of my night went rather well..guess the feeling of things starting to settle again helps.. so I have to make a trip again into town tomorrow as all my meds are suppose to be in after 3pm...PLEASE !!!

Watched the Voice and boy some good singers..liked that young girl singing blues music..The Thrill is Gone...yep, I have two but maybe 3 that I really like..

Now we are ready for bed...Miss Annie is in her crate and Rudy is upside down and getting ready to head right on in to REM mode LOL   So with that...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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