Sunday, February 8, 2015

Good Gravy I Did Real Good On Sunday :)

Good gravy I did real good on Sunday :)... sure did... didn't do bad the night before either..My wake up is not really bad as we all go back to sleep in a few minutes as we fly on by the kitchen...who's gonna get in bed first..guess who..Miss Annie..and she won't let Rudy near the he walks on by tip toeing past her as he crawls into his crate..the boy is just a GEM...Oh! I think I said that before :)

Morning comes and they are charged and ready to dash into the living room ..rearrange the furniture...they know Momma needs exercise.. I mean, what's a little furniture rearranging..?????

Then I'm ready to collapse after I watch them two brats move the big couch across the floor as the race around like doing laps and Daytona 500 ...I can't wait till that checker flag swings..I'm exhausted watching them !!!

Breakfast time comes and Ms Shug is ready to fly her coop....oh yeah we get the glider going as she joins me in the kitchen as I get my "stuff " together..then I walk her back in and she'll go in and check what I've given her..if it's ok..she'll head in and eat..if not..well, she's coming after what I have...sometimes I win :)

Today I made the Chicken Parm with Zucchini and pasta combo..and boy was it good.. I mean that zucchini gives it that extra twist..just enough gravy and cheese..smokin'

Then is was set back and relax and get ready for the Brats again ...yeah it become a vicious circle of events and they are moving at such fast pace..I gotta hang on... and when I took out the vacuum..well their new game is to chase reading right.. they chase me and tug on me... so I go after them with the wand..LOL  it's sucking up and grabbing their skin..they are showing now you is on candid camera...hahaha..

My day is always wonder I'm so dang beat..can't wait till my hour arrives when all are in for the can't come fast enough..

Rudy did really great tonight at dinner... I didn't have to grind up anything in his kibble ..just put his chicken thigh on top and his cookie..(that's always got to be there) and he gobbled it all up... Good Boy... now we'll see what happens tomorrow night if we got that taken care of..

Watching the Grammy love this entertainment..some are really great..reading my emails and then gonna make my nose dive under cover and get ready for Monday.. and TRASH DAY...clean out frig :)

So with that..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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