Thursday, February 5, 2015

Not Too Bad Of A Thursday

Not too bad of a Thursday... I mean my night before..with the "Storm"...I have to honestly say, "I did sleep through it"..once I was reassured that there was no immediate danger ..LOL  I know I'm bad..but l listened to the weather man and as he proclaimed "no serious issues" I relaxed and let that electric blanket go to work and I went to sleep..that is till 2am when Miss Annie wanted out..

Oh yeah, she's back to this ungodly hour..but the good thing is she comes right back in and jumps in bed and sleeps till I get up...but this was pouring..and all of us went out.. I stood of course in the carport.. I ain't no fool.. Rudy and Annie charged out and put their brakes on hahaha...oh yeah!  they didn't like the wet feeling..however..Rudy went and Annie went and charged back in.. I like the good Momma I is...had the towels waiting to dry them and of course had the towel on the steps going into the house for their tootsies..

Once we got back up again ...being again my trash day I had to get everything ready to go out.. didn't do it earlier as I wasn't sure what kind of a storm we were in for..but I managed to get it all out and even feed the poor wild birds and they were happy.. I heard Big Red Chirping...even the Wood Pecker (Woody) flew down to get his portion...oh yeah!  they was some happy birds..

I stayed put most the day as it was still damp out and I decided I didn't need things right away I'm gonna make a quick run in tomorrow.. I hate Saturday shopping but if I get in early it shouldn't be so bad and I only need a few things..

So my day was another rest at home but boy it did feel good and I am glad I did..Rudy is doing great on eating now.. and I'm happy about that.. a little more work but as long as he's doing good and no major issues I deal with it..

Watched American Idol..boy there are those few I really like will be interesting to see if they make it into the final cut... so that's about the size of it...I'm getting better and getting the bug to get out and see the world LOL..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

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