Friday, February 27, 2015

Dang It....It's Friday

Dang it !...It's Friday already..where did this week go again...been up since 5am and did a few domestic chores...and then just tried to get Miss Annie to slow that in itself is almost she ran and jumped on Rudy and he of course was so was bombs away again..and of course Miss Annie yelped and in their crates they went..enough is enough.. I want her to get better not have to deal with this constant it will become that is she don't quit..

On the other hand Ms Shug is getting more and more active again..since I'm paying more attention to her in fact she's becoming more demanding..WOW..this is the crazy house right now.. I'm being controlled by Animals LOL...HELP!

Met up this afternoon with my RV friends/and Sistahs for a quick late munch as I had bought her a birthday gift.. a cast iron skillet and one of my favorite gadgets the Veggetti..something like's a little tool you use to turn your veggie like zucchini or yellow squash into strings that look like pasta.. and the skillet I got was what I use to make my corn's an 8" one..perfect for a nice little pan..serving for two or stretching 3 LOL..

We had a few laughs and then I came from where we met they had a better shot at driving to their place without coming across town to where I live..and it was a nice break for me as well..

Annie is still having issues with her tummy.. I still think it's because she's stressing..with her leg..but I'll cut her back a little on her chicken to see if that helps to get her more under I'm not liking these meds for diarrhea.

Watched the Amazing Race tonight like that show..and of course some of the couples are a hoot...but now I'm ready for bed.. it's a little early for us ..but we were up a little will feel good to get a little more sleep..

Tomorrow I've got several things to cook up and put in the freezer and my frig is needing cleaning.. didn't get it done this it's on my list to do for this weekend...goodness weekend again is here..and soon we will be in March..

Ok, my eyes are tired and I'm dragging my fingers ..those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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