Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Well It's Ash Wednesday

Well, it's Ash Wednesday, first day of LENT....oh my and that goes for 40 days ..but it also means Easter and Spring and woo hoo..come on Chocolate Easter Bunny..and don't forget Cadebury Egg..LOL...OK, Ok, I'm in Chocolate Overload..hahaha

Again another full night of sleep with Miss Annie in bed..she does well..cept she's limping..and of course she's an idiot..doesn't slow down runs the Daytona 500...and goes in for the slide on Home Base..

Today she was limping too much so I crated her..WOW..her vocals reached High C and I think I need to get my hearing checked...but she then began banging her crate door with her foot..NOT A GOOD I took her out and had her on leash...not another great moment either because the big boy..well, he went bonkers..he wanted his partner in crime...

I did not have a great day.. I could have shipped them both fact I told Miss Annie..being today was the burning of the Palm.. I could have offered her up to the Gods!!!!

I did manage to make Sausage and Peppers and did up a batch for Clancy as he called early this morning and brought another load of MULCH...then after he finished he went off to church..

I never got out.. I was stuck on leash with Miss Annie.. I don't think it would have went over to great bringing Annie in for fact I'm sure she would have slid me into them...she was a tad bit off the deep end..

Sure wish I could get her to settle down.. she's so's a constant UP...full steam ahead..OMG!...she is definitely keeping my heart fact I think I've had such surges no wonder I wind up taking naps..hahaha..

Watched American Idol ..again.. I still think they drag this out way too long..get with the action, Jackson!... as the Voice will be starting next week..and it's gonna be switch..

Took the brats out and had Annie on the leash.. and don't cha know Rudy was acting like a nerd..he was charging us...he wanted to play..mmmm he's lucky I almost connected LOL...did I say he was a GEM...forget it ..not now..he's a TWIT!!!....DORK!!!!...

With that I'm gonna say..."Bundle up cause Florida is under FREEZE"... goodness gracious..but my electric blanket is cookin..turned it on earlier.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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