Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Thursday Was Sorta Mundane !

My Thursday was sorta mundane !  with one exception...the tray and liner pan finally came in from NuWave...ta daaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Night time was in bed and out of this world within a few minutes..back up at 2am ..that seems to be the witching hour for Annie..and then back to bed and up again at 6am.. now I like that I really am able to go back to sleep..that's got to be my age..cause I could never, once I was awake, go back to bed...but I can now..wooo hoo..something to this ole age thing..well just something and I'll leave it at that.

UPS came early today and so did the trash guys.. I mean both came within 15 minutes of each other and all before noon...OMG!!!!...but it was and is and did happen..and I was just so excited like getting a Christmas present..took me months but got it and now I'm happy :)

The brats have been on a whirlwind and so I've decided every time they get wild and crazy they go to their crates...and tonight ...low and behold both Annie and Rudy didn't get into it and they actually laid on the floor quietly...

Been playing a lot with Ms Shug..she's been acting too quiet and I think it's because she misses Robert..she's very attached to him.. Too's will do that ..they pick like a mate.. I know he loves to hear that..but they do...and it's like the devote themselves to that one...although she will let me play with her but she's not as loving as she is with him...

So I figure I'll give her a little more out time and see if that helps her..she really was jumping around more and acted like she was wanting me to play with maybe she just needs a little more attention from me..

Watched American Idol...again..this episode was a little bit better..but they are really lacking's just too dragged out..

That was my day and now tomorrow hopefully I'll hear from that gal I bought a crate off and meet her at the rest I can pick it up and pay her..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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