Friday, February 13, 2015

And Friday Swings On In !

And Friday swings on in ! sure did and a tad bit chilly..woke up this morning and it was 38 ..I know, I know, it's not as cold as it is up North...well, this is the South.. the deep South... it's Floriduh!!!!!!

Don't mind a little bit of chill but dang it..this is getting like the NORTH...and I do mean pretty soon it won't surprise me if I see white stuff ..eeeek !!!!...but I did cover my plants tonight as it's dropping down to 34 in the wee I am definitely increasing my electric blanket..might even have to invest in electric socks !!!

My day was pretty much as before..just a lot of things to get done and be prepared for again making setups...for me it's about getting done and able to enjoy the rest of the day...even if it's just watching my out side birds come to the feeder..

I have my list for Walmart and Winn Dixie going...and pretty soon I've got to make that run to Walmart..ugh!.. I only go there like once a month now..only if I have too.. sometimes my list starts about a month in advance...LOL.

When Robert comes down he loves to go to those places.. and I usually have my list for Sam's club..he laughs as me..but I do buy a lot..cause I don't go back for a long time... a long time..

Did a lot of interaction with Shug as she's been really quiet and I felt she might be really getting some what lonely.....she hasn't been playing with her toys like she normally does..and I certainly don't want her to start I've been letting her cage door open at breakfast time while the brats are up... I have those two rest after they Shug gets that extra hour then and then at dinner time too...and tonight she seem to be a little more active..will watch and see what's happening with her..

Nothing much on's Friday and crap is usually on.. and I didn't record it was just play with that brats and we are ready for bed..a kind of dull day..but did get a few things done..

So it's.. those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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