Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Was Tuesday A Step Above ?

Was Tuesday a step above ?   anything from what happened on Monday was and could be a step above..however, never count those brats out..they sure as hell can come up with something to top it !

I for one always feel like I'm in a bowling alley and I'm one of the "Pins"...as they tare up the house and make those mad turns..I have to make sure my legs are up..cause sure as shooting they hit me..sometimes dead center..

I mean I can't even have my feet in front of me without either one of them stepping on my toes constantly..and let me tell ya..it HURTS !!!  I have the bruises to prove it..LOL...but when I get ticked ..they hi tale it!!

My night wasn't too bad although I did have a few dreams of that crashing lamp.. I really liked it too..guess it pays not to get too attached to anything. I'm glad I don't have a leather couch or chair..just imagine all the holes not alone teeth marks...God Forbid!!!!

The day was gloomy but the sun did decided to take a look..and that felt good but again we are going on another cold morning and evening...this sure has been the coldest time for Florida...

Got a call from NuWave today and they (Brenda) told me that they are shipping out my tray and liner pan and I should have it by the 12th..which will be Thursday..:)  I did ask her did she check into why I never got mine shipped...Now whether you all want to believe this..(like me) or maybe..just maybe there is some facts to it... I'll let you all decide..

According to Brenda....the calling center didn't properly complete the order form.. something maybe with my address ???? I had to ask, "you mean all 3 times I called>>>?????? doesn't that seem strange 3 out of 3 " ?...... silence on the other end then a ...Yes!..

Alls I know I'm hoping I see it and I sure hope it doesn't happen again LOL..but you all know by  now..if it can happen..it happens to me !!!!

Hearing all the nonsense of Brian Williams and his suspension...now my thing is...Why doesn't that happen with politicians ???? any way I do think Mr Williams career is kind of shot.. but look as he told those lies..what about the crew that was with him and knew it wasn't so ????? just a little thought to put out there..

Now I'm ready for bed..had to fast tonight as tomorrow I have to get blood work done...then I need to get back to that dentist and let her know I'm not going to go for implants..take em all... let me get this over with and get my choppers ..tired of all this work and then having to have it redone again..and my teeth now are all loose...lucky me :(

With that..those traveling STay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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