Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Treaded Lightly On Tuesday

Treaded lightly on Tuesday...didn't sleep again that great but wasn't sneezing or blowing my nose all through the night...that vicks and Tylenol did the trick pretty good..cause my electric blanket kept my ice cold feet warm..and that always helps .

The brats weren't awfully bad..only partly..but they are just so excited and have to let that energy loose..but it's in the house and it's a mad dash as I sit back on the couch try to keep my legs and feet out of their way cause they have been known to trample and it doesn't tickle !

Rudy is eating much better of course I'm grinding the pork up in the morning and mixing it into his food..but he's getting now 3 full cups in the morning and at night time I take a hunk of the chicken and grind that up as well and mix that with 1 1/2 cups and place his chicken thigh on top with that biscuit... he chomps down ...so hopefully he'll now start to put on some pounds and muscle too..

Most the day I really just kept covered on the couch..did make my batch of corn muffins up and put them up.. and then I got that hunger so I dug in my freezer and low and behold I struck gold LOL.. yeah really good too.. I found the lasagna and it was soooooooo good ..toooooo goooooooooood  ..to rich and too soon..hahaha.. I'm paying for it.....:(

Watched mainly old movies I have recorded and did get in a nap.. took a few Tylenol and before bed I'll take two more ..but my cold is almost completely gone..thank goodness...so there is truth in Feed a COLD...Starve a FEVER..:)

We all are ready for bed and if I feel good tomorrow I'll head out to Publix as I need a few things for Shug and I get that there plus I need some milk..not much of anything ...so I'll see how I am when I get up..

I noticed it looks like a Full Moon.. so bright.. when I let the brats out they were looking up at the sky... saw my first star too..so Yes!  I did make a wish :)

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

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