Sunday, February 22, 2015

Oh! Two Days In A Row .... And It's Sunday

Oh! Two days in a row ...and it's Sunday.....Another early morning as something woke Miss Annie and she jumped off the bed (oh that foot) and barked down the hall way...and Rudy bellowed out..I'm sure the whole neighborhood heard us..and my back lights flashed on... I presume it was a wild critter walking by and made a sound and of course my sensor spotted it...HELLO THERE!

Got up and started my list as I had to go to Publix and have Pork cut up like stew beef ...I buy a Boston Butt and have the butcher cut it up and save me the bones...that's what I use for Rudy and Annie at add to their kibble..well it's mainly for Rudy but I can't just give to one without the other..

Did get my half and half..Lord coffee without it is like swimming with out a bathing cap  hahaha..betcha thought I was gonna say, "Top"...anyway .. I did manage to pick up a few more things...and then had to go to Sparr's for dog I made the round about..

Felt good to get out even if it was just a short trip...and tomorrow I have another interesting event happening..gonna meet up with more of my RV Sistahs at Perkins for lunch then after that I have to stop at CVS for my that makes me nervous as I sure hope no major screw ups!

Got back home and dragged everything in..Brother that wears me out.. especially the two bags of Dog Food..did put up the pork in containers and that's in the freezer.. I do them up 3 days in a package..makes it easy ..still have to load the dog food in the bin..that I'll do tomorrow..arms felt like Gorilla arms..I think I could have swung on a limb after toting those 2 40lbs in the house.

Afternoon I kind of leaned back as I have Annie on the leash..massage her shoulder and as she climbs up in my lap..we take a nap..kinda sorta...a little difficult to breath.. LOL and of course Rudy wants to join... LOVELY...

Played with Shug today and she was really on...funny too...but she's paying more attention too me...and even doing some tricks for me...and she likes eating when I I have my coffee with her and then my dinner..that's a good thing..I'm glad...perhaps I can get her to talk alittle more..if not no biggy.

Watching the Oscars..boy had tears in my eyes over the tribute to Glen Campbell so sad..such a wonderful talent..just so sad ..I sure hope and pray someday their find something to help or maybe prevent Alzheimer's Disease it sure is becoming more and more prevalent ...

Now I'm gonna let Miss Annie get in her spot and then get comfy and watch the Oscars as we fall off to slumberville...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..  

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