Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Waiting It Out On Wednesday

Waiting it out on Wednesday.... I decided to sit back down and just take another day to let my body catch up... my cold was mainly a head cold with the wonderful running nose and sneezing that never seemed to stop...but it did..and for today I was just gonna play it on the safe side.. I mean their wasn't anything urgent I had to go get..

Sleep again is kind of iffy for me..but it's getting better and with Annie its a quick in and out and she crawls in bed and doesn't move till I get up... Rudy however, takes them deep breaths and snores loudly.. he's such a great boy !

Nothing to out of the ordinary other than I felt much better and although tempted I wasn't gonna make that leap...instead I did get in a nice nap..and felt great afterwards...even had my Italian Chicken Zuppa..and that was delish !

Night I watched American Idol and played with Ms Shug.. and now waiting for the STORM.. (you all know how I get very nervous with storms) to arrive..let the brats out and hopefully they will hang tight through the night..cause I know if it's coming like the weatherman says...well, they are not gonna want to get their toes wet LOL

So this is short and sweet and over and done.. and I'm just leaning back watching TV and call it a night...pray no one gets hurt and no surprises please..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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