Monday, February 16, 2015

Oh It's Monday !

Oh it's Monday !....I'm up at 5:30am and ready to go...had a full night sleep without any interruptions..Why?  because Miss Annie was fussing last night and at 11:30pm I got up and she jumped in my bed and never moved..she slept in one spot..right up against my back.. my electric blanket was on and she was thoroughly enjoying it.. Rudy was snoring the whole time...did I tell you he's a GEM !!!!

Well, got up and had to make a batch of corn muffins and put my laundry on as I let the Brats out then came back in and started unloading the dishwasher ...Ms Shug was calling..she was up early too...OK! Ok!...the gangs all here ..LOL

Also today was trash day..even though it's President's Day..we still had pick up..looked at the clock and didn't hear from hubby so I called him.. I woke him up ..he jumped out of bed and then I started cleaning out my frig.. dragged trash out and fed the birds ..cleaned the bird bath and put fresh water in.... came back in the house and sat down for my coffee..

Then I got another call from Hubby..he was driving into work and I hear...Nobody is here yet ????? What ????? Nobody is in the parking lot...OMG!...then I said, (don't ask me why either)  today is President's day..I then hear his say..."Oh SHIT!!!...We don't have work"...hahaha...

He then starts laughing and then next I hear him say, "OH NO!"....I ask, "What happened".. seems like the new CFO's car was left in the parking lot as he flew home and we had snow and the plow came in to clean the parking lot and took his rear off the car ....HOLY SHIT is right ....

That's how my hubby's day started..see I do believe in sharing :)...then he had to do some errands and called me when he got back home...YES!!  we both laughed at that one..

Most of the day I just did pick up and clean up...then gathered a few recipes for me to try in my Nuwave.. (I did tell you all I really like this unit) and waited to hear from Rose, who I bought a crate from for Rudy...

We finally connected as she was leaving Lakewood and heading to Ocala.. met her up at the campground she was staying at till tomorrow.. and I found another place where when I'm coming in and we need to stop at and dump our tanks if we don't do it in Georgia...that will let us in with Rotties..

So I headed home fed the brats and Ms Shug..she's really getting more involved with me.. if I'm not in the room with her she comes looking for me..LOL  I like that she's becoming more active with me...

Watched Celebrity Apprentice..and then as Miss Annie was quite I checked to see what she was in too..well knitting needles.. I'm making a pair of fingerless gloves and she chewed on the one needle..thank goodness I had another pair...always something with that she's limping..

Rudy and Annie were having their normal race and fight..well guess she got it or banged it...but she has a slight limp...I'll watch her and see how she does...

Now I'm ready for bed and the rain that's coming in tomorrow and the cold that will follow...CRAP!

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always ..God Bless Us All..

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