Friday, February 20, 2015

Cold ? Heck No! Freezing On Friday

Cold ? Heck No ! Freezing on Friday....sure was down to 24 at 5am..and to me...that just ain't cold.. it's fact the water in my bird bath was frozen..guess they could ice skate..brrrrrrrrrr

Last night again Miss Annie slept in with me.. and we slept better than the night before..she's showing some improvement in her limping..hopefully by Monday she'll be much, much I've only just started to restrict her since Wednesday...

Keeping her calm is not an easy task..and I'm not even sure how she hurt her leg..but I'm surprised it wasn't a lot sooner.. I mean the way they wrestle, run and jump..but how ever she did it..she did a number ..

Most of my day has been really tied to when I put her in her crate and put a crate pad in..she destroyed it...what can I say.."she's a demolishes " I crate her for a few hours then she's out with me..for a few hours as I take her in and out..and my darling GEM..well he's such a DORK..LOL  he so wants to play..he's getting silly..gonna be calling him "Goofy" before long.

Was bitter cold most the morning..and towards afternoon it did start to feel a little better and seeing the sun sure helped... I know Ms Shug enjoyed the sun.. as I've had her crate 3/4 covered with the cold..have to becareful with her..

Tonight nothing much on TV either so I kind of did some searching on the internet...looking for different products and also reading up on new info on health issues..

Now it's bed time and I'm gonna let Annie sleep in bed again.. this really helps her rest more..she leans up against me...and enjoys that electric blanket..she's a gal after me own heart...

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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