Monday, February 2, 2015

Is It Really Monday Again ?

Is it really Monday, again ?????   well for me it could have been any day.. I was just not really feeling that great but a lot better than the day before.. I did sleep a little more as I decided I wasn't coming off the couch but to only do what needed to be done..

Miss Annie had now decided her two times wake up it was it's going to be.. it's ok as long as we have that long down time.. and it seems that's how it goes.. she comes in bed and stays there till 6am..OK< OK > I'll deal with it..

Got up this morning for the second time and managed to get the trash out..I wasn't sneezing as bad but still not great..the nose wasn't running like a faucet..however, was sore and red as can be..

Rudy is doing better on his eating as long as I chop up that pork and mix it into his moisten dry food.. but he's eating all (almost) 3 cups..and of course Miss Annie always eats...anything I put in her bowl..LOL

Shug was being a cutie pie..and she now loves to come out while I'm putting her feed in her cage then follow me to the dog room and fly back...then comes with me into the kitchen as I get my breakfast of coffee and corn muffins together then she gives me the woo hoo sign and back she's amusing for sure..

I got on the couch and covered myself and I heard some noise was Clancy my yard man and neighbor...he brought in a load of mulch and was working away.. he's such a great human being.. a real "GEM"  I so miss his wife Elsie..she was really neat too and a good friend..

Most of the day for me was just taking Tylenol and letting the brats in and out..but today they were getting into most of the time .. I had to put them up.. I'm not gonna let that as soon as I say, "That's enough"...they walk into their rooms... sure hope this stops.

Watched the Apprentice..boy those women get nasty..LOL  I'd hate to have to work with those ...amazing how Mr Trump just sits there..but ah he does have the final word..YOUR FIRED!...

Just turned on my electric blanket and brats are in bed and I'm following.. it's gonna be another cold nose dive again..what is happening to Florida..brrrrr..but sure a lot better than Philly...

Took my meds and my Tylenol and gonna have one more day of just taking it slow and I'm slowly getting rid of they say.."3 days coming, 3 days staying and 3 days leaving"...soooooooooo it will be soon leaving me..woo hoo !

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

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