Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thrifty Thursday..

Thrifty Thursday..perhaps...LOL...well, so far my night again have now been set on a new trend..but I'm getting in some of my sleep in intervals...and of course an occasional nap....yeah I sure do look forward to when I can grab one.

Got Brats out and done and Ms Shug done we now have a "New" morning system...I feed the Brats and open Ms Shug's cage she comes out I put her food in and then she comes with me into the kitchen as I prepare mine..LOL..well she likes watching and getting something a little different..

Then as my breakfast which is usually toasted corn muffin and coffee..gets done we (she and I) walk into the living room and I sit down in the chair next to Ms Shug's cage..she then walks onto the hassock..and I begin to have my coffee..she watches then goes into her cage and eats her breakfast and we chat..yes!..we chat..she comes back out and sits on my lap..and she gets her scratching..She loves this part..this takes a total of about an hour..

We are getting bonded again..and if I miss not doing this..well holy hell breaks I get to sit back enjoy my coffee and listen to Ms Shug give me a few little words..also listen to the news..hubby then calls on his way to work..

I take my break when I can...the brats are gobbling their breakfast and they get to rest for an hour too... I don't like them jumping around with them just eating..they get a large amount and I always worry with Large breed dogs..

Of course it was trash day too..and I had to make a run into Ace Hardware..another repair job..but this time it wasn't the brats it was the BIRD..yeah Ms Shug chewed up a wire..I'm so darn lucky ... I either have to have lost my sanity..or perhaps I never had it !

While I did get out I also stopped at the Vets to pick up some Diarrhea meds and then onto Winn Dixie..then home..and put everything up and start  my routine all over again LOL... but at least I'm a few jumps ahead with my setups..

Miss Annie is showing improvement but a slight will take another week..she really did a number on herself..well I should say, "Rudy and She with their fighting, did a number"..but at least I see the improvement as she is using it more ..

Tonight I watched American was the girls singing.. I only like one !  and already I can't wait for the Voice to be back on's just the way they are doing this program that is so boring..

So that's my boring day LOL... Oh I did make a bakers dozen of corn muffins this morning ..woo hoo..I so do like my NuWave Oven.. no waiting for it to warm up..although when it's cold that's not a bad thing cause the heat from the regular oven feels good..however, no mess and zap things are done..

I have lots more to explore but just being me.. I can only cook so much..but hubby will be here in a few more weeks so I'll make up some other stuff..I know he's also liking the one we have back home it's really thumbs up !

Now those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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