Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Donation Morning On Wednesday !

A donation morning on Wednesday!... Yep!  I had to fast the night before as it was my quarterly draw done two weeks before I see my Doctor here in sunny warm(wishing) Florida !

I had scheduled my appointment on line through Quest...and that really is more waiting for someone to call me back !!..and Quest really has some good people that can hit that target !! hahaha...well this morning was a really neat lady ..she was good thank you !!!

I got the brats done and had to sneak out as Miss Annie is such a pistol if she knows I'm going somewhere..sure hope she out grows this one too ....any way I left the house at 7:45am and that sun just beating right in my eyes as I drove down highway 44..heading into Leesburg..

Got in and only sat a few minutes and my turn..and then left and headed straight down 27 to McD's for was so peaceful as I sat in my car listening to the news and enjoying my coffee and egg mcmuffin..

After that I headed up to Publix and picked up a few things..and then headed back home..the brats were sure ready to blast out of that was Zooooooooom past me..hahaha.. the breeze almost knocked me over..

Got most my planning for what I'm making during the week and weekend and also did my setups for Ms Shug..her breakfast one that is... these setups I do really help me.. I don't feel so tired trying to get everything cut up and done..

I did manage to take a little nap around 2pm..that does help me..some people say not...but for me.. it sure does..and as I get ready for the evening..I also make sure I'm loading up that dishwasher I go along all day..

Watched American know they drag this out too much.. I'm bored with the way they do things and also they have too many people that they know are gonna hit the road... it's just boring..I'm so glad the Voice is going to be starting soon...

Had Ms Shug out for awhile but she's been acting really quiet not destroying her toys..wonder if it's a change she's going through hope not..just hope it's because the weather hasn't been that great..she's getting sun light..just have to keep an eye on her too..

Ok, I'm done and so is my brain..LOL...those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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