Monday, February 9, 2015

I Should Have Known It Was A Monday !!!!!

I should have known it was a Monday !!!!....well maybe I was just in a long awaited "Not Believe My Eyes Stage"...but better yet not believe what I heard...
Night before was ok..I mean I always have my short sleep to a deep sleep kind of night..being I just go off and I hear a bark and then I'm up and let the brats out then it's back to bed and fall into the second hand deep sleep..waking up to a RACE...into a mode of.."Get Out Of The Way"..LOL

Once I get everyone's breakfast done I then have that time to enjoy my coffee and my toasted corn day doesn't really start till then..but of course being today was Monday it's a little more intense..

It's as I go out to let the Brats out I drop off a load of laundry come back in the house and open the frig and start emptying things that I might have been at one time able to recognize but unfortunately they turn into an Enigma...oh yeah!

After that gets done I go back out into the carport gather up all the trash and tie it up in that humungous bag..(like Santa's Sack but not of something I would want to share ) then head into the garage and put the wet clothes into the dryer..head back to that dolly holding my trash...stop by and pick up a BIG cup of wild bird seed..then open the door..roll out and over to the bird feeder and dump that cup of seed..head back and I see one of the birds flying down for a check out the situation...I again pick up that dolly and head to the curb...

I leave my deposit and return to the house ..then  sit a spell and sip my coffee...catching my breath... well that's what did happen..all the brats were done and I let them out of their crates..I watch them be so nice now..they come over and lay at my feet...always before the start of another action..

This time as I'm sitting there I hear this loud tapping sound..the brats jump up like wild boar and race to the windows..Rudy goes behind the big chair and is now jumping at the window ..the vertical blinds are swaying it the breeze..Annie is jumping on the couch and I see her leaning over like the Tower Of Pizza...then TIMBER...I see the big Ginger Jar Lamp fall off the end table and crash to the floor in a lot of pieces.. I would say, "Million" but then again it didn't but big chunks and I hear a voice...

It's Clancy letting me know he's out front with a load of mulch to put down around the house...OMG!.. I attempt to gather the brats and they are so wild jumping and snapping.. I started to scream at them..they really lost it.. and I was so afraid they'd go through the I finally get them to listen they head into their crates...

I go to the front door and I'm sure Clancy had to hear me yelling..and I told him they knocked over the lamp ..he said he was sorry...I didn't tell him they broke it.. I mean I just felt bad for him as I know he didn't mean anything by it...but OMG.. now I've got this big arse lamp busted and I've got to replace it.. don't even want to go there on how much this SOB costs..but I'm sure glad Rudy and Annie didn't go through the window..

I will have to have a talk with Clancy..and tell him to just call me on the phone to be on the safe side so I can put them up..without anyone or thing getting about getting an electric shock... if that didn't kick my heart into a spasm nothing will...of course I could barely catch my breath..

So as for my Monday.. hmmmm I'll let you all brain can't handle too much of anything right now...DUH Moments.. I'm looking forward too..

Rest of the day was shot as I had to look at that empty spot..oh I did manage to dolly that big lamp out to the curb and watched the trash truck take it away... I know I felt a tear drop from my eye..

Now I'm ready for bed...I want to wake up and see my lamp there and start my morning over..but I will. I mean my morning will start over with a few exceptions...NO LAMP...:(

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

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