Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What A Whammy On Wednesday :)

What a whammy on Wednesday :) Again another up early and then lay back I've been letting Miss Annie stay in her crate..she's been tossing and turning too much and with her leg starting to mend felt it was better..and besides she does better when she finally jumps in bed..she actually stays really does happen LOL.

Got up a little later than normal but managed to get my tasks done of preparing my setups for the next 8 days..these are a bugger to get done but it sure does give me a break in those wee hours of the morning getting everyone fed..

Later on I had to deal with CVS..and NO!  I never heard from the corporate head pharmacist..guess he was too busy..hahaha.. right!  I think they just tell you a story in hopes that you'll believe it..but you know all these chain pharmacies are just like that...

However, after my insurance advocate checked on things and the sales rep who sold this policy (after my husband called and reminded them of what their agreement was) finally all meds got taken care of..and I again made sure those who enter my orders understood ...A.. I'm not rude nor will I take rudeness from anyone...B... I will take other meds, if I haven't had a problem with..but I only take Brand on Meds I've had major issues with.. I mean total amount I had to pay out for my meds was a little over 800 buckeroos..and that's for 90 days supply..If I could take all generic and only pay 200 or less wouldn't I ???? DUH!

So that was most of my daily crappola..and Miss Annie is doing better still a little limp but wanting now to get into the action I know she's feeling better..however, I feel it will take another week till she's stronger on her leg..

Ms Shug now is getting more into responding better with me.. as I've been giving her more out time as I have the BRATS up.. Shug and I have our breakfast together...and she's liking sometimes lunch if not dinner..she loves to sit on the hassock next to me and as I give her a few treats..then she'll climb up her cage door go in and eat her meal with me.. and watches me too..

Tonight watched American Idol and taped Survivor and also The Amazing Race..I'll watch them later on all the programs coming on now..and soon it will be Big Brother..LOOK OUT.... I love those do or be done..LOL..

Tomorrow I have to make a quick run out early and then I'm back in...have my list and then it's gonna be ..MY TIME..woo hoo...have to make some corn muffins early as I'm out of those...put my NuWave to work..did up burgers today and they were juicy..

So now it's those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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