Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Rainy Saturday

A rainy Saturday ...all day...and boy it felt gloomy..the brats didn't want to go out I had to almost shove them out the door till finally just before bed time the rain stopped..and out they went..

Morning again is hustle time..I have my system and I go for the burn...LOL.. but I get done and then I can lean back and take time out for me.. I notice as I'm getting older I need more ME TIME...

I did get busy and do a few things up so later on I wouldn't have to overload myself... Me and my setups.. My hubby laughs says, "I think you have OCD .."  I might cause I know one things.. all my setups interlock with each other...I have a lot of work doing them but once they are done.. my week goes through rather smoothly..and that's all that counts.

Today I had to open two bags of dog food and dump them in their containers..again, another setup..LOL..then I also did up Shug's ..all her nuts are in containers..hahaha.. I'm the big one !!!

I cooked up Sausage for the macaroni and will make the sauce tomorrow..also did up a Roasted Chicken and Potatoes...will make up some chicken salad and the rest go into soup... make it once and have many meals out of it.. OMG.. I do have OCD...LOL

Need to head into Publix to get chicken for the brats and have them cut it up for me... then put that up in the I'm ahead of the game here...

Talked with hubby.. he's not doing to great with his neck still bothering him.. so Doc ordered a cat scan to see what's happening.. it might be a pinched nerve..sure hope not but that can happen in your sleep .. he's such a restless sleeper too...

Not much on TV..but that rain.. off and on .. yucko..but rather that then snow !
Ok so those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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