Friday, February 6, 2015

I Dragged My Bones Out On Friday

I dragged my bones out on Friday... I sure did and was at the store by 7am.. I had called the night before and ordered the pork and chicken thighs cut up so all I had to do was head in and grab my veggies and bread, milk and head back to my friendly butcher..who always asks me about my pooches..

Last night I just wasn't comfy sleeping although I tucked in..and Miss Annie was up at 2:30am..ok, well like I said before, "she has her own system and we keep trying but as long as I get in those hours afterwards I'm ok..and Miss Annie once she gets in her spot..she don't move !

Had to do some setups this morning as I just didn't do them before I went to bed...but no biggy..I got everyone fed when I came back from the store which was not that long... I mean I was on a mission to get in and out ..had my list and also only a few people were in the store like me...that was fantastic..

I'm not a shopper and I really don't like going...because I just don't like when I go I try to go even with Walmart I go on a Sunday and early...get a good space and got my list and zoom..once in awhile I'll stop to check something out...but in and out I wanna go..

I'll order on line a lot of times to avoid all that nonsense..I've been this way all my life..guess it was from when my sister Alice use to take me with her..and OMG!  we went to every store in and out and back again and try this ..try that..go back again..PULEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZ... so from those early days I swore I'd never ever do that again...and I haven't .

Called up NuWave..what a joke I'm so confused.. again I haven't received that bottom tray so when I called I got the same lady I talked to last time and she claims she has no way of checking to see if my order was shipped out..don't make the Supervisor and she was absolutely no help swung me over to QVC which surprised me again..she claims the number I call isn't Customer Service yet it's the number on the Web Site.?????

So I called back again and got another lady who was really nice and tried to help and just said.. " it should take 2 weeks..(oh my I've heard that one before) so she re ordered again and said.. "If I don't get it call back and they will contact the hitch is..No one knows where that is.. I mean the people I talked with ?????? 

Went into the NuWave chat room and posted what happened ..there is a few people that work for NuWave that come in and I texted her...she contacted me and said, "she would talk with the Managers and try her best to help me..".. Now I can still send this back to QVC and they will replace it..but it's just the tray everything else works...don't make sense...well we shall see...

Made an Expresso Chocolate cake and some cookies too.. and whipped up Algio E Olio..Pasta in Olive Oil and Garlic with (I added) broccoli....was GOOD!
My evening was complete..well sorta...but nothing great on TV and I didn't feel like watching anything to long...

Had Ms Shug out and she now just likes to cuddle..she's in that mood..but I did trip her claws..LOL..she wasn't happy but got over it as long as I would snuggle with her...

Bed time my brats are ready as they charge back to the bedroom and they get their treats...I hear Miss Annie grumbling...of course..Rudy he's ready for bed he is just a GEM..

Now on for tomorrow...Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All.

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