Monday, February 23, 2015

Well Hello There It's Monday !!!!!

Well, Hello There it's Monday !!!!!  Surprise, Surprise, Surprise....I made it through again..however, felt like the whole world dropped in on me...was one of those nights where Miss Annie (who else) and Miss Zeeeeeeeeee just didn't get it together and we tossed, pulled, moaned, griped and just wanted to chew the pillows up...OH IT WAS A SMOKIN NIGHT....thank goodness 4am came around.

When I and the brats got up...we all looked like we were miserable..well not really Rudy as his sleep habits went untarnished..his snores were in the ozones of ecstasy.....that boy has a set of pipes ...but Miss Annie..I don't think there are words that can even touch her right now .

Today was gonna be a special day as I was meeting the RV Sistahs for lunch and I was really excited about it.. these are ladies I've chatted with for years and finally they are in my area..and it turned out really fun and we laughed and also enjoyed the lunch..but oh too short..wished it could have been all day..but again like I told them...there will be a NEXT TIME..then we'll eat at my house ITALIAN STYLE which means...all day LOL

Got back and had to pick up my here comes the SUCKY part... I had this strange feeling again there was gonna be a problem...(wonder why) so I called up and then I hear...WE only have 7 of your scripts as the others have to be refilled...

WHAT?????? How can that be... I mean I came down with a scripts of 90 day supply plus 3 refills and I've only filled them once..?????? Well, long story short according to their computer and it counts the amounts I don't have any left...Now I got a little annoyed and talked with the she proceeded to tell me .. she was too busy and it is what it is..and if I had a complaint to call 1-800-shopcvs...

So I did just that called and registered my complaint and was told the they would contact me on Wed as the head pharmacist was going to look into my last words were..this wasn't the first time and because my meds are not just candy or happy pills ..they were life dependent...this better be resolved and hope I don't have any medical issues over this...I'm sure they've heard this I do feel we are all just a drifting thought the crappola of another decision "do we really matter "...:(

My day started off crappy..turned happy then turned oh my I do go through those tender it !!...and tomorrow I go to my Doctor here ..should be my blood pressure is a tad bit high..

Watched the Voice tonight and already I've lovin it... a young boy of 15 from Upstate New York...with long hair and wearing a hat...Sawyer I believe was his first name... he's one to watch..Mark my words..

With that... those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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