Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Really Nice Sunday Happening :)

A really nice Sunday happening :)... today at lunch time I met some of my RV Sistah's for lunch at was both fun and enjoyable..!!  and I even got to head over to Walmart (although that place looks like it's going to the pits) I forgot my list but got most of the items I needed..

Morning for  me was a drag..OMG!  I didn't get to sleep well at all night before as it was close to 1:30am before I finally fell asleep and woke up like I hadn't slept at all.. dragged out and brain fried....

Went to brush my teeth ..grabbed the tube and as I brought it to my mouth I smelled this ungawdly wasn't tooth paste it was BENGAY ...Glad my nose was working cause that's about the only function that was..

I just was falling between the cracks... I was rushing but going no where...I need my coffee...that's all that was too it... the brats were looking at where's my breakfast...and Ms Shug...was just floating around the room..she was like a dive bomber..hahaha..

After I finally got it together I then had to make my way out without the brats knowing..hahaha... well, that never works cause as soon as they seem me getting dressed they are in high gear ready to hit the door and jump in the car..

So my plan was to just let them go out for their potty break bring them in and let them know it was "Lunch Cookie Time" worked perfectly as I was meeting the Sistah's at noon time.. so I  did this all at 11:30am...

When I got to Perkins..the place was mobbed..OMG!  I've never seen it that packed but then I realized it was Sunday and day after Valentine's Day...hahaha..we had a wait but not too bad..

After leaving Perkins I shot to Walmart.. I was right in that same parking lot and zoomed in and out too.. got home and the look on my brats was enough to let me know they were not happy... took about an hour for them to settle down.. Ms Annie gave me a few nips..and Rudy ..well that boy is a GEM..he just stepped on my feet hahaha..

Tonight watching SNL 40 year anniversary.. brings back a lot of memories..for sure..Classic ..definitely !!

Got a text from  Rose (she shows Rotties) and I'm gonna meet up with her when she gets to the campground in Ocala.. I bought a crate for Rudy from her..that's really sweet of her to carry it along for me.. she'll be heading to the shows this weekend in Tallahassee..

That's my eventful day and tomorrow will be a another quick jump in and out.. So those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

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