Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Spark Of Energy Hits On Saturday :)

A spark of energy hits on Saturday.:)...yeah it does happen LOL..well more like I was now getting the itch to jump out of my skin...and feeling better but of course also seeing the sun sure did help !

My night was ok, I mean I'm just trying to get comfy and can't seem to find my place..and sleep hits and before I know eyes are open and I'm heading out the door with Annie and be brought back into the "charge" back to the I'm glad at least I pick up them hours I lose..

After breakfast I took another run out to Publix and picked up a few more things for the brats.. and Ms Shug..then I came back and did all my setups for next week and that made me feel sure gives me one heck of a break..

Seeing that eyes were drawing it in.. sure did feel good ..need to get my plants in shape and decided I'm going to hire that girl that works with Clancy to come clean once a month.. I can sure use her to help me clear out that bottom Hutch.. and change all my shelf paper ..that's a job and I can't climb..

Rudy seems to be now getting more on track with his eating and of course still trying to get Miss Annie to calm down.. she has so much energy..this is gonna take a lot..she's actually like a blast out of a canon .

Robert got his schedule for coming down ..looks like all is set for March 17th..St Patty's Day..and I'll be so glad.. that's right around the corner too..time is sure moving fast

I've got Blood work to be done next week and also meet this gal I bought a crate from.. she'll be heading to Tallahassee dogs shows and I'll meet her just at the first rest stop past Wildwood exit...not sure what day..hopefully she'll text me ..

So that's about my day..but feeling much better and starting to get my list of things that need to be done and fixed going... Need to call the Golf cart place and have them replace my batteries and a new charger and talked about putting a new engine in my one as mine moves like molasses..

Now on to tomorrow...Get Up And Go.. Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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