Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Well It's Fat Tuesday...:)

Well it's Fat Tuesday :).....that means tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent..(40 days in total)...and soon to be Easter..WOW!

Last night again Miss Annie slept in bed with me and she slept all night long..we got up at 5am.. works for me...I was sitting at my desk reading my email and she was fussing and I let her out and she got "in her spot" and the rest was history.!!

Today I really didn't do much as it was raining off and on.. gloomy and tonight as I went to let the brats out...HELLO MOMMS ..it rained again..so that was that for those two brats!

Watched the live feed from Westminster Dog Show..got to see Annie's daddy Graf show and also got to see Terry show Aji the Mastiff..he took the breed today and was in the group tonight ...didn't make the cut..but that can and will happen with all the politics out there..

Hired a gal to take care of my house when I head back north and to come in once a month or when I call her to help me.. some days I just don't have it .. I'm wiped and these meds do take hold of me... but at least I can not let things fall through the cracks..

So that was pretty much my day and evening..still watching the dog show to watch BIS (that's Best in show )...then off to slumberville..not much planned for tomorrow other than it's gonna make a nose dive to get cold again.. so I'll do some vacuuming and also I need to dust desperately  LOL

Just call me Tumble weed LOL... ok....those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All...

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