Saturday, February 21, 2015

Thank Goodness Saturday Was Warmer !

Thank goodness Saturday was warmer ! Although we got up a might early as Miss Annie was ready to dash out at 4am..sure hope she sleeps better tonight..still giving her meds for her tummy she done ate her bedding..mmmm she's a piece of work for sure..a true blue cotton picker !!!

Today was more of the same.. being Annie has that sore leg..think it might be more in the shoulder area..but her limp isn't as heavy as the day before.. it will most likely take her a couple of weeks..that means she and I are ONE!!...LOL

She also has her permanent spot on my bed..or should I say, "Our Bed"..and I really don't mind as long as she sleeps and doesn't chew..she also likes that feel of the warmth beneath her...I'm sure it's helping her soreness..

Poor Rudy has been trying to get her attention and acts so silly ..I mean this boy has been putting on some shows..twisting, turning and racing through and stopping and looking back to see if Miss Annie is following..hahaha

So my day is kind of humdrum as I'm not able to do much with Annie tied to me.. I do crate her but I only give her a few hours which lets me get a few things taken care of..but bare minimal..

Tomorrow though I have to make a run in to the store..was gonna go this morning but didn' I don't have a half and half for my coffee..that's a mortal sin !!! big treat too..Can't have that !!

Not much on TV but I did hear from my niece and she and I gabbed for a few hours..always feels so good chatting with her..can't tell you how much she sounds like my sister..and enjoy hearing her talk about her children and grandchildren which I missed out on seeing them all grow up...all because of my sister's nasty husband..cruel man he was and still is..

When I think of the hard life my sister had.. such a shame and her so horrible..I miss her as of what I remember as we were kids..and her having her children..but then the separation of our family was so sad..I think of the last time I saw my niece she was just 15..and now she's 61..Lord sure does move in mysterious ways...but our connection happened inspite of the cruelness..and losing my sister...

I will finally get to see my niece this summer as I will camp not to far from where she lives and we are arranging for some of the other sisters to come as well..I'm praying all things will work out..I can only leave it in God's hands..

Now I'm looking over at Miss Annie...Rudy is in his crate content to drift off to slumber land and Miss Annie is waiting on push her over and she'll crawl up close to me.. sometimes she even puts her head on the pillow..too much that gal..

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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