Thursday, February 19, 2015

WOW It's Chilly This Thursday .....

Wow it's chilly this Thursday....brrrr...last night me and Miss Annie didn't sleep to great...she couldn't find her perfect spot..guess her leg was bothering her..and I of course everytime she moved I was awake..poor baby...

This morning again ..brrrrrrrrr another cold night tonight and tomorrow..Lordy it's gonna get down really low..Heavy Frost Warnings all over Central Florida..Think our coming frozen to your homes from now on..

Got up and made sure I kept Annie on a leash when out and put her up in her crate..Hate that it has to be this way..but she jumps around ..leaps and bounds and races through the wonder she was lame..

Today though towards afternoon she wasn't as bad and I think she'll be ok..but will have to keep her this way for at least a swelling..and no pain when I touch I think she more or less sprained it.. Her and Rudy go at it so of them had to come up limping sooner or later..just hate to have it happen..but like kids some things you just can't prevent.

Nothing to out of the ordinary..other than me and Annie have been bound together...and Rudy always wanting to bump in..he sure misses his partner in crime..

Watched American Idol glad this part is over next week they should start singing and at least we'll get to see the whole package..and of course The Voice starts..HELLO...I really like that show..really good talent..

That's about it other than I made sure I covered a few more plants and turned on my electric blanket sooner..cause sure is nice jumping in to a warm bed LOL

Those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All..

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