Sunday, March 1, 2015

Before I Knew It ..It Was Sunday

Before I knew it, it was Sunday....I'm telling you these days are just rolling by... I feel like I'm on a Choo Choo Train..Woo Woo...and as I roll along those tracks all kinds of things are the pages of my life..flip next chapter LOL.

Last night I tucked in was just my brain didn't want to function and said, "HEY, Time For BED"...and I did need that rest.. Miss Annie hasn't been to awfully bad..she wakes up ..doesn't want to go out.. just wants in bed..crawls up and gets in her "spot" and sleeps till 5am..Works for me too...and even Rudy don't mind it..hahaha..what a group.

Sunday, it really is Sunday...well it went along ok..still have some issues with Annie's tummy and so I backed off giving her those pork strips..and just fed her normal food and at lunch time I did give her the Lunch Cookie and tonight I did give her that small piece of chicken thigh with her I'll see how she goes in the morning.. I did give her some tummy meds and also today was Heart Worm day..a double whammy...

Whipped up a batch of spicy sauce for Macaroni 3 containers worth so that will go into the freezer..and tomorrow I need to make a run to Publix and buy chicken for the brats to put up in the freezer.. I get like 20 days I'll pick up a ham slice and make up ham and fried cabbage for the freezer and my meal..

Talked with hubby today and I've got him finally making ahead meals...he's doing good.. I kept telling's so much easier to have it done and just reheat for when he comes home as this way he's not eating so late at night and he's tired the only thing I have to do is remind him the night before to take it out of the freezer..YES !  I bug him about it..hahaha..

Watched another replay of the Voice and listened to that young boy Sawyer.. he's awfully good...and I wouldn't be surprised if "HE" won it... that's how good he is..

Had another incident with CVS...caught it when I was doing up my pills.. seems like they gave me Plavix ok but then they subbed  generic too... like I'm to get 90 pills..and they gave me 30 of Plavix and 60 of generic but charged me for the brand... called up and talked to the pharmacist who couldn't believe that I had to drive over and show and tell... I'm telling you ..they are idiots..but they are all getting like that and don't care..scary...

When I got their the one I had the disagreement with was on.. and she got humble real quick cause she signed off on it.. and that's a big NO NO...she did apologize..but it's like old news...finally she made the correction.. I just shake my head..

Oh I'm ready for bed... so those traveling Stay Safe and as always God Bless Us All....

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