Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hitting And Missing..Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Hitting and missing..Thursday, Friday, and Saturday too !  Oh my stars..I've been so behind I'm falling forwards as well....seems my night time I'm so zonked I just crawl into bed..and now that Sept is just a day away..look out world I'm on a big spin..

I'm working on getting things together for leaving in October so that I don't have the mess we had leaving Florida in July..that was awful and short fused as well..I like to be able to gather my wits about me and not put so much pressure on making sure everything was done right.

Although some feel I fly by the seat of my pants it's not true..I'm a planner especially when I have to take care of things coming and exploring is a moment to moment for me. As when I was traveling and I was in a certain area..then "look out here I come searching". I also had planned days for that...

However, for these trips back and forth to Florida I only have so much time with hubby's work schedule. For him to at least get a few days of enjoyment and be relaxed for the return flights to go to work...I just try to make sure most of the work load is done..but all the lugging I can no longer do...therefore I've had to change how I do things...yeah again that I have to plan..

Last night was another fall out as I was trying to gather stuff up I wound up over stretching on a ladder...something I should never do...but I needed it and dang it I pulled my shoulder..I didn't let go. Hahaha later on I wished I had cause when I woke up.  Crap!  Where's my Tylenol. LoL.

Hopefully it will ease up if not I'll have to see the Doc now that I'm leaning back from dragging things and just get my list of what needs to go into another. Of..hahaha. Poor hubby he's gonna moan.. Hopefully not to too load..hahaha..

Ordered a movie off DirecTV last night. Hey for 5 bucks was worth it...watched "blended" was pretty funny..and made a root beer float. Woo hoo...then took myself to bed...and looks like it will be another early night tonight...

Hubby went to the store for me with my list of things we were out of  as I did my meal planner for the sure helps as I've got too many things going all together..I feel like the Mad Hatter...yep I'm running and soon I'm gonna run out of steam...

Month of Sept is gonna be sheer madness..I may only post every now and then..although I miss it. But the brain is going be like sparks. now I'm getting ready to take more Tylenol give brats their lunch cookie and Ms Shug a treat...

Hope those travel stay safe and as always. God bless us all.

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