Thursday, August 21, 2014

Took Off Wednesday But Here Thursday :)

Took off Wednesday as I needed a break...but actually I was crocheting on one of the 9 blankets I have pledged to after I got done my chores (which I can't get away from) I got cozy and grabbed my yarn and hook ..watched the brats wrestle and Annie unveil her couch cover...then again go back to chewing on poor Rudy..

Being it was Big Brother day and America's Got Talent and ( catching my breath here lol ) So you think you can dance.  Hahaha our night of watching was occupied..OMG! I'm addicted. Hahaha. Not really but it does pass the evening by while I'm on a mission to get these baby blankets done!

Went to bed a little  late and darn it I had an Asthma attack..haven't had one of those in ages and I was up all night.. Took my inhalers and prayed I wouldn't have to go to the hospital.  Meds started to work by 4am and it was almost time my house starts to I have not gone to bed..

Hopefully I'll catch a little nap which will help and I'll head back to bed right after Big Brother tonight. Can't miss who will get the door.. Plus I'm working on that blanket.  Remind me to stop taking on more projects...just do what I can when I can..

Talked with Clancy regarding the house in Florida. She's still standing. Hahaha that's what Clancy tells me..looking forward to getting back to my plants and flowers and sure hope Miss Annie is more settled. Rudy is really doing well and getting to be a strong handsome young lad..his show career starts when we go back to Florida. I'm excited for him...

Now I'm gonna put my feet up..have BBQ pork for dinner tonight..and gonna finish this blanket maybe today. That's blankie #2. Those traveling stay safe and as alway God Bless us all.

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