Monday, August 4, 2014

A Good Start On Monday

A good start on Monday.  I slept through the night with no early wake up.  Wonder if it was the flea meds I put on Miss Annie and Rudy before bed time :).  What ever it worked and felt great the next morning....even got my laundry going at 5:30 am. Hooray !

Got the brats fed and Ms Shug taken care of by 7am.  And the rest of the hour was mine...I got to enjoy my coffee listen to the news and had my feet this really happening.  Hahaha. Even got hubby his lunch made to take with him as his day was gonna be long and not able to go out and get I told him, " lock your office door, put your feet up and eat your lunch"

It's only taken me over 30 something years for him to do, I enjoyed packing my lunch and even if is sat in my car I had peace...usually I'd listen to music and eat...anything to get away from the crowd and interruptions ..

Even got in a nap for this afternoon. I'm telling ya I need to knock on wood. Hahaha. My day was just so dang good. Hopefully the rest of the week will follow suit. :)

Tonight not much going on other than getting a few new recipes to try in my NuWave Oven. Oh yeah that really is coming in handy..Keeping a file so hubby can use it when I'm in Florida...this will make it easy for him as well..

Made arrangements for my car to be inspected this weekend then the following one will bring the motor home over and get her worked on...also got my renewal for my driver's license and I need to get that done. Have my list going now to make sure I get all my appointments done...

Have to get to the eye doctor too...and then finish up with the dentist..and time is flying by quickly...I mean we are in August and I'll be heading back to Florida right after my Doctor's appointment Oct 3rd...if all is ok..

Just put Ms Shug up...she is really getting more and more fun to work with..she loves playing between hubby and me..jumps back and forth and even loves up to the two of us...she is such a pleasure to be around. Even Miss Annie and Rudy still every morning go up too her cage to greet her..she comes down to the bottom as well and their noses meet. LOL

Now it's time to call it a night...those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all...

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