Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh Heavens What A Tuesday :)

Oh heavens what a Tuesday..... My morning was the norm get up get out of bed ...let critters out put down fresh water. Pop a few pills and let the day start to slide into place...

Now this morning was just a little different. It had an interruption in it...that being a visit to the Vet's office and normally I'd do it on Sunday but Saul was away on vacation so I went up to one of the younger vets that works for Saul..

Getting the brats in the car was simple as they were excited to go any where. Making sure the slider door to the car was opened and their crate doors as well they just jumped in..and Hello Momma we is ready to ride..!!

I had already called ahead and made arrangement for one of the girls to help me bring the brats in. As with my legs not wanting to work well it gets difficult at times...so when I got their I went inside and got my beeper...yeah you're reading that right beeper to let you know it's your turn,,, it's really a very safe issue..so no dogs, cats or what have you pass each other...never know how sick they are...

When it was my turn Sue came out and she took Rudy and I took Annie and in we walked through the back up the hallway and out of the blue comes this wise tough kitty..she's the resident cat of the office and loves to intimidate the dogs..well ahe came out of no where and Annie and I were taken back and about that time my boy Rudy full force come charging through us..with Sue hanging on and as I looked it appeared as if she was trying to put her brakes on and her feeta were skidding across the floor...the cat...her body looked like it had blown triple her size and her hair was spiked...I heard the loudest hiss sound and scream...her claws looked fully extended and everyone around was gasping..Rudy was like a. I'll in a china shop...OMG I started laughing as all of a sudden I didn't see the cat and looked up...someone said, " I never saw her jump so high"...then I heard did you see where her claws went".  Not sure. might have been left on the ceiling. She flipped so High and with a leap and bound she was gone...bet she was faster than the speed of light...

I bet she spent her 9 lives in that short minute...OMG. It was wild but then everyone started laughing..she's such a tuffy and I think she got shocked as Rudy had never seen a cat before and I'm sure when she was heading towards Annie...Rudy was not gonna let that happen...Annie sat back and watched. Can't say she was the bad one..hahaha. It was so crazy...never saw the cat after that...and Rudy was lookin'

Rudy got weighed he is 105 lbs and got his first vaccine for Lyme disease  and Annie got her booster and she weighed 60lbs  made arrangements for Annie to be spayed on the 10th of September.. Then was so glad to get out and home...hubby did come up to help when  I got in the office. He hit traffic and was gonna surprise me. He was lucky he missed the action hahaha

Got home and we all took a nap. Hahaha we needed it and hubby picked up Tacos for dinner so I didn't have to cook. Uh oh I'm getting spoiled...now watching America's Got Talent and gonna hit that bed..

So those traveling stay safe and most of all. God bless us all..

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