Saturday, August 2, 2014

I've Landed On Saturday

I've landed on Saturday by gosh, by golly!   That's how my week has ups and downs and twists and turns and I've still landed.....and in one blinkin' piece too!!!! Thank you Lord :)

This kind of drizzle morning I woke up to a nice soft sound coming from in the dog room..Miss Annie was just waking up along with me so it wasn't her vocals but more the yawning sound with a little whimper. Hey I can deal with that....and we all cept ing up and started our morning routine.

Then I got the urge for breakfast with out me doing all the work. Sooo it's off to McDonalds. The Golden Arches , just waiting to serve me. Woo hoo. Here I come...and so that made my morning..I even shared my egg mcmuffin ..Shug got the egg and I got the muffin :)

The rest of my day was sort of mundane with a few..."Annie whatcha got...Rudy, let her go...and so on and so forth".  Yeah it was mundane alright...

Hubby took a run over to Sam's club and pick up our paper products with a few other things...and then he went grocery shopping for the rest of the week.  He sure did me a big favor. I'm not a fan of shopping...I get a list and get in and get out.  Hate the crowds.

The rest of the day went by quickly and all settled in for a good night rest...hopefully. With that. It's those traveling stay safe and as always God bless us all

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