Saturday, August 9, 2014

Got Er' Done On Saturday

Got er' done on Saturday....and to think I messed up falling asleep in my recliner. And had to do a double post...could my brain handle all that over load...Absolutely. Woo hoo....

Yes, I got back on the merri-go-round and even grabbed the golden ring....the brats didn't know what to expect..I was in and out and over and the hubby in high gear and we were off to the races..

First off hubby went to McDonalds and we had breakfast even Ms Shug got an egg...then we were out in the rig. Backed her up flushed her system and started to take down the top crate as that is now where Ms Shug will ride...she'll love it...I can hear her now as we drive down to Florida..

Now I have to call the RV dealer as to what day to being her in...then got a call from the garage to come pick up my car...she was ready..ok..popped in hubby's car and soon we were back..ok..this day is moving right along.

Here it was lunch time and again hubby got a lesson on using the NuWave Oven. He's liking will work out for him great as for when he comes home from work he can just pop a steak on and have a decent dinner..he's a good cook anyway and this will cut his work load a bit...

Was going to go to the grocery store but decided I'll do that tomorrow morning while hubby is teaching Sunday school...and less traffic and crowd..making my list up . Gonna lean back and watch some old movies and then tonight I hope to sleep in my NED..

That's about it other than time is starting to move an appointment for the eye doc in Sept...and also the dentist..hoping my jaw is fully healed too..

Ok, so now those trucking on the highway. Stay safe and as always...god bless us all

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