Friday, August 1, 2014

Good Grief It's Friday

Good grief it's Friday...I do know where my week He'll and back!   This morning was an early wake up call thanks to Miss Annie..lately she's been getting up at 3:45am.  What gives?

This morning I had to get out early as I had to have a cat I got the brats and Ms Shug fed. Got washed dressed and out the door..wait wasn't to awful but I forgot my cell phone so I watched the in coming. Hahaha...

When I got home I leaned back and took it black and blues ( from Wednesday's encounter) were showing their color...looked more like a wounded pigeon. :).  So I let the brats out gave them their lunch cookie and we all took a rest..

Got a phone call from the Doctors office in Florida. Seems my insurance company wanted to know who and when I was going to the eye doctor. Huh?  I was caught off guard on that one...why would they even want to know. I mean isn't that my call?  Sounds to me that now expect they are going to decide what is good for me. So come Monday I will call the insurance company and find out what gives.

Now I'm glad the insurance company is concerned for my health and are they doing it for everyone???? I sure hope so. But still I think they should have called ME!! So we shall see what this is all about. Another adventure in my simple life. Hahaha.

Ok, so it's Friday night nothing great on so guess it will be. " hubby and I challenging each other in a game. What one not sure yet. But I'm sure it will be a game of wits. Hahaha.

So on with the dinner as hubby just called and the rest is History.  Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all.

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