Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Struggling Through Wednesday

Struggling through I'm trying to get in all the work I need done...getting in all my appointments and also juggling for Annie to be spayed....and hoping she calms down a bit as keeping her some what down to heal.  Perish the thought right now.

Seems a lot of what I had planned to get done is shifting to another I'm trying to also get to the Dentist and have all that work done...I. Igbo have to do it when I'm in my jaw is healing slowly...ugh !

Today I felt just over took me...and I found myself pacing...worrying about things I have no control over...I need to shake myself loose from ties are becoming somewhat undone over my Uncle's estate..sad as the things being done my Uncle would have never wanted...

So my day went crappy...and I just had to keep myself busy so that I wouldn't get upset...but when I sat back my thoughts were pounding my brain...yep! I need to head south..and not soon enough..

Later today hubby on his way home from work picked up my scripts.well that even went chitty. The pharmacy now has my scripts all messed tomorrow I have to get that all squared must be pouring cause the chit keeps falling..YIKES!

Tonight watched Big Brother....and was hoping Donny would have won the power of Veto. But no that didn't work out either...then on to America's Got least that was decent...ok time for me to end this crappy day and pray tomorrow will be better..

Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all

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