Wednesday, August 13, 2014

No, I Wasn't Missing On Tuesday

No, I wasn't missing on Tuesday. I was just overwhelmed by the sad news of Robin William's suicide..the news media never stopped and then later on in the day they had to go into the gory way that he took his life..

When will this ever stop on how they report the just turned my it all of us who thrive on this nonsense???  I for one have gotten to the point where I don't want to listen. Just turn on the news to hear the weather...seems we've lost the knack of how too!!!

It's how they now want you to think and only report partly fact and seem to even tell you how to think. Goodness we've certainly gone movies...they always have a political message to influence you...give me the good ole days when journalist were a talent enjoyed reading their column and unbiased..

Yeah I'm on a roll here it kind of just got to me...and maybe all the rain played apart of it too. As I'm just wanting to hear some good news for a change..we need that badly...some good ole fashion comedies as well...ah and the talent shows. Lol

Watched America's Got Talent last night... Ok, it wasn't that impressive..perhaps tonight (Wednesday) will be better..

Catch you a little later on...down the road. God bless us all.

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