Friday, August 22, 2014

Already Friday

Already Friday and I'm still a little on the slow asthma is still giving me a bit of a I've been using my machine and taking my breathing meds...made an appointment for the Asthma Center and will go from there.

I've been doing pretty good so with this set back I most likely will have to continue with breathing treatments to get it back under control...also it seems back here my house seems to collect more dust...and that doesn't help..

So on my downtime I've Been keeping myself busy crocheting and my brats have been entertaining..watching how Miss Annie rules the roost. She's a character and Rudy is truly a love.

Right now as I'm trying to type Ms Shug wants in to the action as it's her time out and "she" wants her attention. Life is never dull in my house...the critters do take charge.

I'm gonna make this short as it's now med time for me and Ms Shug is pecking at the glass of my IPad and I keep pushing her away...she can be very bad too!

With that those traveling stay safe and hope and pray this weekend some of the rain will slow uP ...God bless us all.

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