Monday, August 11, 2014

Got Those Monday Morning Blues

Got those Monday morning blues...oh yeah. Got up at 5 am and let the brats out and grabbed the laundry.  Got that going and then as the brats came in I filled up their water bowls and tuned on the TV to hear the news..

I like to get done early so I can at least get to put my legs up a bit..hubby is still sleeping as I'm opening Ms Shug's drape...and my morning has begun...get my pot of coffee on take my morning meds and then start to get to feed the wild bunch...

By the time hubby gets into the shower critters are out of the way and I'm now having my coffee and first load of laundry is in the dryer and as soon as he leaves second load is going. Yes my chores are almost done..hahaha

If I don't do these things early I'm done's how my system functions. As by afternoon it's down hill. Even as far as going to the stores it's got to be early..and same with all my doctor appointments ..I've got it now that my doctor in Florida sees me at 7:30am. Bless his heart it works fantastic for me!

Called up the R V dealer and I bring the rig in on Friday night. Get some work done and get inspection. Yes, the time is moving fast now..still have to get to the dentist and Annie to be spayed. I see my Cardio doc this Friday and hear the results of my stress test..

Later tonight heard the sad news of Robin Williams taking his life...that one hit me hard as I so enjoyed his talent but again the sadness behind his laughter seems to be a normal way of life lately. So many suffer from depression via drugs...

My list is starting to decrease as my appointments  are getting  set. Even got my scripts for Florida already and hopefully this time I won't go through the crazy crap.. Now  I'm not asking for much just hope they get it right. LoL

So it's lean back watch a little TV and then tuck every one in and start all over again. :)
With that those traveling stay safe and God bless us all.

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