Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Strange Day For Tuesday

A strange day for Tuesday.  Starting off with I thought it was the 6th due to the fact my calendar said so.  Then come to find out it's only the 5th. Hahaha. Why????? Because Miss Annie ate the page. LoL ...I was celebrating her bing 7months when in fact she had one more day to go....my comment was...Miss Annie you plea the 5th not eat it!!!!

So tomorrow will be the 6th after Ll and we get to again celebrate I survived you 7 months....and a few more you may settle down. Well maybe....I mean she's a bolt of lightning every morning...poor Rudy ...he gets the brunt of it...I only get the clean up after destruction..

I did get to sleep a little longer again as hubby got up early and that gave me the extra hour....then it was off to the races....finally by 10:30am those brats are slowing down.....and so am I.. I get to put the couch back together for the umpteen time....and dig out the chew bones that have been buried in between the cushions..

Today was really a strange one for me...I tried several attempts to find some lost papers...I put them away but it's been so long who knows I could have tossed them...it was articles that were written on some of my family members of when they came to this country...my one Uncle had done some extensive research and sent me copies...so I felt so weird looking through boxes and coming up dead end...

From there on in my day was not going well....and even tonight watching TV ..America's got talent wasn't that good either...font even want to talk about dinner. That was a pick up on your way home as hubby worked late and didn't want me to cook...

So now took my pills and hope I get a good nights sleep to make up for today to start over better. So those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless us all

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