Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Didn't Miss It ..Monday That Is..

I didn't miss it, Monday that is..I was just trying to go around it..well kinda sort a...I woke up wee early and was a little antsy...I had an appointment with the Asthma center...and I just wanted to get that over with..

Critters woke up like two jet propelled fighter jets...they were wild..not sure if it's in the water...but when I opened their crates you could feel the breeze as they passed you by...oh this is gonna be my lucky day!

After I got everyone fed I was out the door..one thing about this center you never have a long wait..of course ..get ready to feel light headed blowing into all those machines and X-rays...but when you're done...You Is DONE...!

So I'm back to using my breathing machine for a bit..but it does help..just so I don't have another attack..that was not good..and it leaves you shaking that every breath you take might be your last..the meds are opening up those air ways..but what a taste you get. Yucko..

Most of my day was trying to control the brats..these two are the worst I've had..then again maybe it's my age..can't remember ever putting up with this...soon I keep thinking they'll grow out of this!!!

Miss Annie has so much energy she just doesn't quit..no matter how many. TiMes I wup her butt..hahaha. I think she loves it..like more attention she's getting...goodness gracious..

Diner was simple...had chili over brown rice with cornbread and a salad...I didn't have any energy to cook..most was in the freezer already done up..salad was simple...and then leaned back and watched the Emmy...sad on the tribute to Robin Williams...such an interesting human...but living in this world was just to painful.

After all that was over I staggered to bed...took a few breathing treatments and fell out..not really forgetting to post but too dang lazy to look for my Ipad...as I put it up while Ms Shug has her out time..and it's a nightly thing...she let's us know...it's her time by loud blasts of air..hahaha

Ok, so now I'm finally posting. And hopefully I'll be back later..with some good stuff...oh did I tell you all...I like my NuWave oven...leaving this one here with hubby as he's liking it as well. But bought another one for the house in Florida....

With that..those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all..

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