Thursday, August 14, 2014

Not A Good Day Start For Thursday

Not a good day start for Thursday...being the night before I didn't get any sleep..I did a dumb thing...first off hubby got home late so dinner was really late then I also had a Dr Pepper and some M&Ms while watching TV. Another dumb thing.   So what was the outcome ...

Too much caffeine big time..I lay awake all night and when 5am came around I had to get up and start my day...but when I could I was going to be taking a big nap or I'd never make it..

Of course the brats were not going to be willing and it was up and down ...slide open the door in and out then. OMG!!!! A wasp nest right over the top of the sliding door so had to call hubby on his way to work. HELP...being I don't do bees well at home he came and boom they were done...done....done...!

By late afternoon finally I put the brats up and got in my 2 hour nap while my crock pot was cookin...I had put together stuffed cabbage rolls and even cut up potatoes were waiting in the frig to go in the microwave cooker for mashed....yeah dinner was gonna get done too...

Tomorrow morning I have the Cardio doc appointment and on my way back I'll stop at the store for flounder and hopefully no surprises...

Now I'm ready to watch Big brother and enjoy the night and hopefully I'll get. Good night's sleep..just remember no caffeine after 6pm....and everything will be fine..

Those traveling stay safe and as always God bless us all

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