Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Winging It On Wednesday :)

Winging it on Wednesday....:).  Sure did and as I flapped my wings things got done...even got treated to a breakfast as hubby had a late meeting so he hit the McD's and I was so thankful. Felt good sitting back and enjoying my pancakes and sausage. Woo hoo...

Brats got up at 5am and were so ready for full pack contCt sport tight beneath my feet...Ouch! Guess they wanted me to move. NOT!   But they sure did move the furniture around. I swear they are growing stronger every day..

Still have to make Miss Annie's appointment to get her spayed and also get Rudy his Lyme vaccine then I can relax and not worry about Annie coming into season...don't want any problems...

Also later on I got to watch "The Good Earth " as I had taped that earlier so when it was. Nap time and we all settled in I leaned back and enjoyed. Even hearing Rudy snore...Miss Annie was on her couch laying upside down....and Ms Shug also was in her position. One foot up and feathers ruffled. Squinting eyes Yes! We all were so ready :)

Hubby got in late so it cooking as again he brought something home..we watched Big Brother...come on Zack you need to go home!   And then on to America's got talent...the ones chosen to stay were ok.  So glad that skater went home...he shouldn't have been put through but you know if he would come on as a comic...he made people laugh he most likely would have moved up...he was so terrible it was really funny..

Now I'm so ready for bed and ready to get a little Seinfeld and call it a night.

Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all

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