Saturday, August 9, 2014

Ok, I Fell Asleep On Friday

Ok, I fell asleep on day wasn't a difficult one..I mainly just gathered up my things I needed to get done to take my car in to get inspection and a few things done...

Brats were at their finest...I mean disrobing the couch several times a day...emptying the trash bins and devouring some paper towels. With annoying me top on their I've now realize that Miss Annie gets more destructive as she can see the wheels in motion as she sizes things up..she has no fears!!!!

So my day had a lot of interruptions and then a fall out came into place..yes! I needed a nap. The body can on,y take so much and mine reached it's limits...hahaha

Evening was when hubby got home..Pizza and then drive my car up to where it was going to be inspected on Saturday then back home and let Ms Shug out for her play time which is a must...then we sat back and watched a movie hence I fell out.

Woke up at 4:30 am in the recliner and let the brats out then attempted to lay back down. So I know later on when I come back to  write on my blog I'm gonna be dragging.....cept I have to get the motor home down to get work done...Hello there...hahaha

Ok, need to move other wise I'll be a bump on a log.

God bless us all.     To be continued on Saturday.

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