Saturday, August 16, 2014

Up And At Em' On Friday

Up and at em' on Friday....felt like I had to get off to a good start and I did...brats slept till 5am and without breaking out and racing to the moon...I could pace myself....and I did that too..

The hubby even was up and about which doesn't happen that often...he was good enough to pull my car out of the driveway and parked onto the street so I could have my get all my cards were being stacked...I had a Doctor appointment and then I wanted to stop by my friend ( long time) and wish her a happy birthday as she was 85.  Then from there I had to do a little grocery shopping..

Got my brats fed and Ms Shug...and hubby left as I was..I waved he waved and down the road we two passing ships at sea....first time I got a good parking spot at the Doctor's.  The weather was nice...a little cool breeze but it felt great...didn't have much of a wait either.  Hey this is going good..

Heard my named called and in I went..Doc is always smiling and we tell our few little jokes and then we get down to my blood pressure checked and it was great..122/72.. Ok works for me...and then doc was really happy reading my results. Oh great balls of stress test was amazing (for me) I showed good flow to all the places I haves tented. The LAD. And my EKG remainder stable with no signs of stress during the.test. Even my blood press showed no major change...ok, those brats seem to do the trick for me...all that up and down chasing after...dragging out the door...yes, they stressed me. It prepared me for this...hahaha. I had Doc laughing as I explained to him..

Of. Ourse he was thrilled and simply said, "what ever it takes to keep you ticking". Works for me too...then we have our great talks as to what level I'm at and about my Echo test...of which I have some leakage in my motor it's still at the same major change but it needs now to have more monitoring...that also is with keeping my blood pressure in check..some days I'm good but as I was explaining I've gotten more into meditation. And also making sure I take my down time or chill out...I Find I'm needing that...and for me that's a good thing.

Doc was really pleased and so was I...I always hate to say goodbye to him as this was my last visit till I return from Florida..sure wish I could find a doctor like him.  Who knows...then as I left the gals all gave me their latest chat of what's in the happening...I didn't make a return appointment as I'll do that when I go to my internist in I set them up on the same day...two in one I call it..LOL .

So off I went feeling really good...and called my friend Helga to find out if she was up and to stop in...I'm a little uptight although I enjoy my visit but seeing her as she seems to be just letting go of life...granted she's 85 but for years Helga has just existed in her own little world or should I say "chair" she has kind of in prisoned herself to that being her "safety device". And I  get flash backs when I see her..of how I use to travel with her..I'd have her so upbeat and she had no choice but to explore with me..I'd get her out and about with all my crazy friends and dog shows and places of the neatest for with me any and everything was seeing her now makes me feel so she is just existing of her own choice...

Then I've got to keep saying to myself, "you can't control someone else's destiny...if she is happy let it be".  For me that takes a bit of "big time shut my mouth". And again maybe to others I'm kind of out of control...who knows. But for me it's a fight to live and keep pushing...I get frustrated myself on things I was able to do but can' that pisses me off, and I fight myself constantly..

Like being home here In Pa I feel like I'm in a prison...I'm not able to do the things I do in Florida..I no longer enjoy my surroundings...I don't get to see all of nature that I watch out my front windows. All I see is cars fly bye and nothing else...the hustle and bustle of traffic...the crowds of people in a hurry...yucko...

Now I miss my hubby as he's gone most the day and comes in late...we eat late he's tired and barely wants to talk I have to pry things out of him and come the weekends he wants to sleep and I'm so anxious to want to get out and take a ride some where which isn't going to happen...I'd love to pull the rig out load up the critters and just go to a state park...just to look at nature...set up and sit outside as I can't go hiking anymore. But breathe air and look around...even. Ok out...yeah I know the brats are with us...but they love just being out too...I have the Xpens set up...cook on a grill or pack some sandwich ...but just get out of Dodge...I miss those adventures...

So for me to be in the house constantly is like a  So my time is now moving fast...I have an eye doc appointment  in a few weeks. A GYN doc a Mammo and then my Internist...hey it's long as no major set backs I'm gonna be on the road again..

Taking the motor home in Sat morning and getting her taken care of. And that gets me going big time the before I know it...I start pacing getting all my things together and feeling that rush come over me..I become my old self....hit energy blast from the past.....if I was to fly well I'd be out of the wild blue yonder.

Now I need to pinch myself and get back on track....and now I'm at the grocery store...getting my shopping done....then homeward bound...the rest of the evening will drag as it's. Itching on TV and hubby will get home late as he had a viewing to attend....

So with that I'll say, safe travels to all and God bless us all....

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