Monday, September 1, 2014

Oh My Sunday and Monday !

Oh my Sunday and Monday tossed in seems my days are gonna be running like I attempt to start the gathering..

Sunday for me was busy dizzy day of I hustled through the house and put my "to do list" as was coming. Not just company but family...oh my stars it's gonna get crowded and loud.  Hahahaha.

Had a pot of gravy going on the stove and had beef and pork cooked ....yep the. If platters come out the veggie bowls too. All the glasses on the table and several pitchers of water with the mother of mother bottle of wine...getting the picture here...:)

It become a. Purr. It I do have a little excitement added to this. A new gadget. Hahaha. Yeah I'm at it again. I read on one of the groups I belong to about this "Veggetti" how small it was and did a nice job in cutting the certain veggies making them into spiral type noodles....and how they made a plate of  Zucchini pasta...well the light bulb went bright and I thought as hubby comes home from Church he could make a quick pit stop as we did need a few things and pick this up..

I mean I did have the veggies and this would be an interesting conversation at the of course hubby moaned about it..but it wasn't a big object. Hahaha and it was that did help and it was going to be used...that also helped. It time..and it fit in a draw that was even a bigger help. Hahaha

So weh hubby walked into the door I was so anxious to give this baby a try..and try I was simple to use and I made up Zucchini and yellow squash  looking like pasta..I cooked it in a skillet of lightly salted water for a few minutes..then drained and placed in a bowl of  gravy (sauce) with some Parm cheese...Willa!!!!  It was very tasty and even hubby like it..added some angel hair pasta and it became a primavera.  Works foe me and everyone it was a done deal and clean up was a snap's in a draw resting for another day. LoL

Later that night we watched Big Brother after the house got quiet...boy that felt good and all the mess was cleared and we nestled down for the fallout...LOL ....before going to bed I did get the chicken washed and dried..placed in a zip loc bag and put the olive oil and seasoning and did the massage so to marinate the chicken for tomorrow's cook out on the grill.

Here it is Monday morning and I've been up since 4 am...brats are running and jumping...oh my stars..they come out blasting. I still say they have jet fuel in their blood....and me attempting to gather my wits...

Gonna put on a pot of coffee...turn on the news...lately it's who shot who...honestly I feel like I live in the wild Wild West...listen to the weather...and if it's gonna rain well got my NuWave to grill on..which does a fantastic job on chicken and clean up is next to nothing..:)

It's gonna be a quiet day for us...just sit back and take it easy...hubby needs it for lately work has been getting to play a number on him...I'll make up a batch of pancakes with some sausage and I know he'll want a fried egg...then he'll lean back and read Sunday's I'll work on a blanket and watch a movie and the brats will have their chew toys going..Ms Shug will have a new great bar to gnaw on and do her frequent whistle and screech...and our day will blend in.

Psst and it's the first of September too.  And that means Heart Worm day as well so as I make the brats. Breakfast they get their extra added...and hopefully no surprises...

For those traveling stay safe and alert as traffic gets wild during Holidays...and as always. God bless us all.

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