Sunday, August 3, 2014

Amen! It's Sunday :)

Amen! It's Sunday :).  Although my morning started off with a double wake up.  Yes, a double wake up...first time was at 2:30am and then went back to bed at 3:30am then back up at (get this) 7am...thank you Miss Annie!!!!!

What ever woke her I hope it moved on down the road cause it really through my day for seemed I just couldn't catch it up...hubby wasn't feeling well when he got up so he stayed home didn't go to we all just hung out..

I took breaks when I could and hubby had the opportunity to play with Annie and Rudy and all I heard was.." Whatcha got Annie, where are you Rudy".  I mean it was a constant up and down and in and out. Oh yeah they gave hubby their best performance ...hahaha

We took turns picking movies and playing a few card games..neither he or I felt that great..we did get in a nap as well now that was a good thing and the brats finally crashed. I heard the thud. Hahaha. They were so wild I couldn't wait for bed time..

Ms Shug was even on. My goodness it must be something in the water. Shug bounced back and forth between hubby and me grabbing everything in sight then she began her high whistle.  Is it tea time?

Just before I put the brats up tonight I put their flea meds on. I do that because it drys without those two chewing on each other and it's safer.. So now it's time to hit that bed..we watched Big brother tonight and then Rising Star..and speaking of rising.  Those traveling stay safe and as always. God bless us all

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