Sunday, August 17, 2014

It Sure Is Sunday

It sure is morning started off with some catching up and trying to figure how I was going to get all my ducks in the water...

I was very upbeat with getting my rig worked on as that means it's getting closer to me heading back to Florida...some sad feelings though leaving my hubby and worrying if he's ok...and that we both have a healthy year..

Called my vets office this afternoon too and finally got an appointment for Miss Annie's spaying...and also Ruddy's Lyme vaccine...then made sure all their records were up to date to register for their license in Pa.

Worked on my list of what I have to get done before leaving also. And then moved on to all the blankets I have to get made to send to this orinization for the new born babies..even have the big box which all will be placed in and shipped out.. I am almost finished with the one blanket...:)

Worked on my afghan as well. Only put on a few rows and that made me feel good too..a few rows a day is my therapy and it really does the trick. This one I'm making is really pretty...a first for me. Hahaha I usually make from what I have left over..

The brats were pretty good today and I was shocked. Must have been  something in their water. Hahaha...but Ms Shug was on her High and Mighty and look out she was gonna break the sound barrier today....

Got a call from my sister in law late last night as she told my hubby and I she was diagnosed with M S and was finally ow accepting she wasn't looney..that does happen to as I remember with my mother how long it took before they knew what it was...

Today there is more they can do with treatments but it's still no picnic...will keep her in our I started thinking about my Mom and how difficult life was for her...and how she let the Doctors use her with their experiments that hopefully they'd be able to help someone else..she was bedridden for over 25 years..

My day had a few highs and lows but I got through it and now tonight watched Big Brother and then Rising Star...just let the brats out for their last go round and I'm so ready for bed.. So those traveling Stay safe and as always. God bless us all.

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