Saturday, August 23, 2014

I'm Movin On, On Saturday

I'm movin on, on Saturday...a little bit better since I've been using my machine for treatments..I'm sleeping a little bit better..of course a little edgy from the meds but I can breath !

Morning for me dragged a Saturday seems so long...not getting things done...and of course getting hubby up and movin..he probably can't wait for me to head to Florida and I can not blame him..I'm an early riser..I like to get things done so I can have the rest of the day to do what ever I want..

I've been asking about going for a drive...of course the brats have to come and he's not excited about that..for me it's like no biggy...I'd love to go to a state park for the that's when the rig is back..just camp out and enjoy the surroundings..I can't do any hiking but setting out and enjoying the scenery is on a grill ...just talking or even leaning back and reading a book..plau some cards...oh well..I'm dreaming. LoL

Hubby did my grocery shopping thank goodness...a job I hate but I do it...but hubby did help I gathered up my list..we discussed what to make for dinner for the week and from there it was history...simple..yep, that's me. Simple..

The brats were in rare form today so a lot of in time in the making..had to step it up a notch..they are getting too big to race through the house and knock me over...heck knock any one or thing we is now on the kick of, " in your cage" sure hope this works...they is WILD !!!

Worked some on my Afghan and it's getting big..I do an hour on it almost every day..kind of my time for's really turning out nice..can't wait till it's finished..alas something for me. :)

Not much else in the happening cept gonna lean back play with Ms Shug then the brats then dive into sheer heaven. A good nights sleep. Those traveling stay safe and as always God Bless Us All

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